Cross-Device Monetization

Monetize Windows® desktop and mobile platform users. We even support older operating systems and browsers. Available for Edge® & all the mainstream browsers and derivatives.

Monetize Apple® macOS desktop and iOS mobile platform users. Even supporting older versions of OSX. Available for Apple® Safari and all the mainstream browsers and derivatives.

Monetize Android®, Kindle® and all other major mobile platform users. Support for all recent OS versions, proprietary browsers, mainstream browsers & derivatives.

Multi-Platform Advertising

Many Ways to Grow Your Business

Mobile Platforms

Huge Audience Reach with Mobile Devices


Mobile traffic now accounts for the largest segment of Users accessing the Internet Worldwide, with continued Growth. Due to low infrastructure and financial restraints, many emerging digital markets skipped the desktop internet phase, moving straight onto mobile internet via Smartphone and Tablet Devices.

Native Platforms

Access Major Publishers using Native Advertising


TechMedia can help a Business gain exposure to new customer segments through Native Advertising by developing & implementing tailored made strategies. Native ads are often found in social media feeds, or as recommended content on some of the largest online Publishers.

PPC Platforms

Direct User Intent Search Traffic


Many Businesses struggle to achieve good measurable results through Pay-per-Click Platforms, considering the high costs and strong advertiser competition. TechMedia can help businesses overcome these barriers with tailored strategies for the major Paid Search platforms.

Social Platforms

Using Social Media Advertising to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Market on Social Media

Social Media Marketing is an important part of your branding initiative. Tech Media can use Facebook, Pintrest, Snap Chat & Instagram Advertising to take your brand to the next level. We manage every detail of your campaigns, from start-up to weekly monitoring and reporting.

Video Platforms

Instant Brand Recognition through Video

Market on Streaming sites

TechMedia can help businesses & brands show their content in the form of video ads. Ads can be placed on streaming services, games, m-commerce sites or mobile sites. Video Ads are an experience like no other – personal, fun, and highly engaging. We help deliver your video ads to your target audience.

Push Platforms

Use the Latest Advertising Format

Market on Push Notifications

We can help introduce this exciting New advertising platform to your business. Being a relatively new format, customers are highly engaged by Push Notification Advertising. TechMedia has access to high quality Push Notification advertising inventory from various publishers.

Delivering Performance

Measurable Results

Our missions is to help businesses reach their audiences and engage targeted users on multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, computer) primarily through the World Wide Web. We aim to deliver your business with high quality leads and measurable results.

What We Do

Philosophy We Strive For

Whether your part of a large corporation or a small family owned store, your customers are at the heart of your operation. They are the true difference between “Make or Break”. A thriving business can never have enough revenue generating customers.

Before partaking in any lead generating campaign, we will always carry out research and try to establish your “ideal demographics” in order to generate the highest quality revenue generating customers for your business.

Our Skills

Media Buying
Coding & Programing
Design & Graphics

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